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“Alexis, I just want to say that you have a purity of seeing and I am grateful for this as it is rare that I trust someone in the physical to be a second pair of eyes.

As one who sees much herself, it is a challenge to find another whose lenses are clean & their own stuff does not get in the way. Thank you for being that ‘clean reader’, for your invaluable time and for honoring this gift you carry. I look forward to working with you in the future. Much love to you.”
— M.M.Y, United States

“I ‘know’ you only through your words. You are, to me, a dear stranger. For me, the words you burn onto the ‘page’ heat-warm-stir the deep-knowing wellspring within. There is a longing to read what you write.

Like all things Life, the road will be windy and sometimes rocky, but it will gather those who need to read the words that writing brings through and from you. I am sure I will not be the first in line, but I will be on the line and I will bring my money. The line will be long. Those of us who must read and read things of meaning, who buy those words to have them in our internal and surrounding spaces, will be on that line.

Write. We are eager to read.”
— Patrice Dunckley

Alexis is the sort of no-nonsense refreshing wind that can blow away all the cobwebs: whether that’s the cobwebs of the establishment or the cobwebs lurking in the dusty corners of your heart. She takes no shortcuts and pulls no punches in any of her work, and that’s exactly what we need. I’m grateful she shares her gifts so graciously.
— Abigail Rose Clarke |

I can’t articulate how your writings operate in my heart and spirit, but their result is that Life is stronger and Love is more real to me. Thank you.
— Candace Tkachuck

I only had a small number of readings before I went to Alexis. The first reading I ever had was terrifying (basically the woman told me my whole life was going to be horrible).

So, ever since then, I’ve requested readings with a little bit of trepidation. Something about Alexis made me feel safe and resonated with me. It turns out I made the right choice when I asked her for a consult.

Some things came up in my reading that were sensitive and unexpected. She approached those with great kindness and a very common sense action plan that I greatly appreciated.

She has a strong heart in a world that sometimes feels heartless. I trust her fully and would not hesitate to book a session with her again.
— Naomi Niles |

Oh wow Alexis! Thank you!! This is EVERYTHING I’ve been feeling. I have such a hard time trusting myself. The past couple of days so many things have pointed me towards it’s time to go, to figure out my truth and to live it. Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom, both here and in the real world. Even though it’s from afar, watching you and others like you speak the truth gives me strength.
— M.B., United States

If the pen is mightier than the sword, Alexis is wielding a lightsaber of truth with her word smithing. She doesn’t just uncover truths, she’s a root worker, digging right down into the marrow, transforming cells with her writing.
— Aine Butler Smith

Alexis has a powerful way with words and her exceptional analysis and synthesis are worth paying attention to. I continue to learn from her.
— Heather Plett |

Holy Smoking Cannoli, dear Alexis! That reading completely ROCKED!!!

First of all, I am so very grateful to be the beneficiary of your prodigious occult gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your incredibly powerful insights and spot on wisdom.

I’m completely blown away by you and what you bring to your readings. Your tender compassion. Your razor sharp insights. Your off the charts intuition. Your deep understanding of the human psyche. Your loving x-ray vision into the soul. It’s so much MORE than just a reading. It’s a true transmission of healing energy. I feel like I was seen on so many levels. And your profound clarity of seeing allowed the veils of confusion and inner clutter to fall away so that I could clearly see myself. And with that new found transparency into my own soul and psyche I could confidently take effective action out in the world.

I can’t say thank you NEARLY enough.
— Chris Zydel |

I must testify that I started seeing results the moment I received the last email from you.

My work offered me a new position that would have given me a 40% pay raise. More responsibility and freedom.

Did I take it, no. Why? Well when that opportunity opened I thought it was a no brainer but it made me realise that truly it wasn’t about the money that made me make the petition. I thought it was, but what I wanted was to be in service. To truly be in service and to do that I have to let go of what I think I want and be in a place of creating space to be comfortable in the void, to be comfortable in not knowing how this was going to unfold but be willing to say yes to the guidance. I did have moments, deep, dark moments of thinking ‘I just shot myself in the foot’ , but you know, it’s ok.

I am grateful for being in a place to be awakened and all I am getting now is a sense of needing to go into study. That job would not have allowed me that space of going back into my magical study, of having time to build relationships with my ancestors or deities.

So all I wanted to say, past the ramble is this. Thank you. Sometimes you need to be given what you think you want to realise that, nope this is not it.
— A.B. | United Kingdom

Alexis’ name means defender and helper. That’s how I see and experience her. She’s equally tender and just, kind and lucid. Above all else, she’s legit. Alexis defends what she sees and the wisdom that guides her to that seeing. She offers her gifts of insight to help others align to their own destiny. Gifts of insight, by the way, that are no joke. So don’t come looking for sugar coated fluff. But do come looking for the straight goods given in love because that’s what she does, that’s who she is.
— Chris Dierkes |

It’s been a while since I’ve had a formal reading with Alexis, but if anything that is just more of a compliment and show of skill on her part, her mastery being hard earned and executed pleasingly from the start. She did a full reading for me that was highly informative and on the nose at just about every turn, to this day still being accurate and relevant to my life path and the twists and turns therein. If you’re looking for someone who is honest with their feelings and their intuitive findings, you’ve found her; and she’s only gotten better over time, which can be gleaned from my continued interactions with her as well as mutual friends and community members. Intelligent, no nonsense, and filled with charm- absolutely consider working with this wonderful witchy woman.
— Chey Sharp | Stuart, FL, USA

I’d never done any type of reading or spiritual questioning before I met Alexis. She helped me understand that process and she answered my questions much more deeply than I was expecting. Some of those answers were really annoying, to be honest! It was not at all what I wanted to hear - but it was what I needed to hear. She was right, dammit. If you’re a newbie like I was, take the leap. She can help.
— Graeme Seabrook |

Your writing, and it’s honesty, clarity, and humor have a real impact on me. I lost my dad a year ago on the 25 of this month. Your choice to be public about your grief has really spoken to me. Also I drink my coffee every day out of your hex mug. And that’s not even getting into the myriad ways your writing about social justice and white supremacy have aided me in facing my privilege. So really? Thank you. I’m glad you take us along for the ride.
— M.G. | USA

Alexis Morgan is the real deal. I am an intuitive medium myself and Alexis is one of two people who I trust with intuitive and magickal work. She is walking though this world in more than one plane. Her information is always on point, concise and clear. She provides insight if you ask for it but it is never overbearing or presumptive. I trust her and that is the highest commendation I can give someone. Absolutely don’t hesitate to book with her. She’s an inspirational person and an incredibly gifted spiritualist
— Rev. Rhian Lockard |

Oh wow Alexis! Thank you!! This is EVERYTHING I’ve been feeling. I have such a hard time trusting myself. The past couple of days so many things have pointed me towards it’s time to go, to figure out my truth and to live it. Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom, both here and in the real world. Even though it’s from afar, watching you and others like you speak the truth gives me strength.
— M.B. | Spartanburg, SC, USA

Alexis absolutely takes me to church. There are no grandiose attempts at prediction, simply truthful intuition that amplifies and clarifies my own sense of direction. She helps me to see a story, a process- not just a destination. There is power in the way she appeals to your power, guiding you to access your own strength and transformation. I seek her out when I can’t see forward, need to make decisions, and take actions that are aligned with my visions.
— Ariana E. Felix |

I’ve seen Alexis’ intuitive gift evolve over the years. She also knows me quite well and follows my career online. This might give one reason to think that maybe she just looks at my Facebook Profile and takes some guesses on what’s next - absolutely no way. Alexis has predicted next steps and relationships almost down to the month. I’m a stage performer and therefore a huge day job jumper. When I was getting the itch to leave one job again, Alexis told me to hold on just a little bit longer and to be patient. She even told me around when in the year I’d be getting some “news”. Lo and behold, around that time I was put in a unique situation at my job that allowed me to amicably resign with a massive severance pay. This afforded me the time and money to pursue the stage again
— L.L. | New York City, NY, USA

She told me a hard truth. And I LOVED it. People are afraid of the hard truths. Not so with Alexis. She knows it is honours her gifts to say what needs to be said...which is why I work with her.
— Tanya Geisler |

I received a reading from Alexis in which I can honestly say my mind was blown by magic. And I am a writer and a secularist, so I do not use these words lightly.

I entered into the experience at a crossroads in my own life, a place of transition in which I was working to save my life, and Alexis did not know the details and did not need to need to know; the power of the visual storytelling and myth making she invited me into was magnificent. And opened a door to my own deepest knowing.

Alexis is approachable and honors the unknown while not requiring one be fluent in the language of tarot. It was the story and opened doors of possibility that she culled from these archetypal images which cracked open a kind of stillness inside me for which I had been so hungry.

Perhaps most significant, and what made the experience with Alexis so rich and distinct from others I have known, is that she read the stories of the cards in relation to my deep question without claiming authority in my own life. She did not position herself as one who knew better than me or one who proclaims from on high the keys to the kindgdom. Rather, she gave me a narrative I could enter into and find my own self. And I did. As she spoke, my own clarity became a great gift given back to me. And I cried with the relief and revelation of it.

She is the real deal. And you can trust her.
— Isabel Faith Abbott |

I got a reading from Alexis because I was feeling stuck. Despite being a professional psychic and energy worker myself, I was stuck with a question and situation I couldn’t get to shift. She got back to me with my reading quickly and was right on the money - she outlined my exact next steps, which I implemented like a mofo. (I like results.) As of the next morning, I could feel my energy shift and have already tripled the money I received for my offerings (yes, in 18 hours. Because that’s what happens when you apply intuitive knowledge.) Thank you!
— Rev. Erin-Ashley Kerti |