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How This Process Works

A thoughtful, thorough, and respectful application is required to enter my service for any period of time. If I am impressed, I may contact you to ask further questions and get additional information. If I think that we are a good match, I’ll require your commitment and service to begin immediately. All time wasters will be blocked and blacklisted, and incomplete or insufficient applications will be discarded.

I do not discriminate based on race, sexual orientation, gender expression, size, ability, political affiliation, religion or age.

Verification & Screening Process

I value discretion & confidentiality, and have no desire to compromise your trust or jeopardize my reputation as a professional. Thus, screening is mandatory for mutual protection and discretion. I provide you with two choices for screening:

(1) Verified Personal Information + Employment Verification
If you cannot provide information for employment verification, please provide references (1-2 providers you have seen within the last 6 months).

(2) Verified Personal Information + Provider Verification
If you cannot provide references (1-2 providers you have seen within the last 6 months), please provide information for employment verification).

SubMit Your Application To Mistress Morgan

Full Legal Name *
Full Legal Name
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Contact Phone Number
Social media (please specify), word-of-mouth, press, etc.
Bad knees or back, high blood pressure, vertigo, mental health issues, etc.
Preferred Play Interest(s) *
By checking this box, you are: (1) Confirming that you are over the age of 21. (2) Understanding that I will not engage in unlawful activity and reserve the right to decline play that breaches my hard limits or compromises my safety. (3) Agreeing to abide by my payment and cancellation policies. (4) Consenting to having your references + you contacted via the information provided