About my Spiritual Path, Lineage & training

Truth be told, if anyone would've told me at 18 that I'd end up leaving university and my pursuit of a career as an international human rights attorney to work for myself, I would've looked at you sideways. Why not throw on being a professional seer-sorceress, heaux, and writer/artist babe on top, no?

There’s a lot about my life that didn’t end up where I thought it would. I’ve been a Pagan and a witch since my pre-teens, but I never really connected with spirituality as an alive, benefic path until I was into my early 20s. I began reading Tarot to help me process the grief of the unexpected death of a custodial parent, which I then turned into reading for tips at parties (which is how I met the Miss Cleo, may Youree’s soul rest in peace). From there, when I found myself out on my own - with absolutely nothing but a couple of boxes and the clothes on my back - I started reading part-time on psychic chat lines and through my own website to make ends meet while I launched my second business as an virtual assistant and online business manager. I’m now in my late 20s and have been practicing some form of magic or spiritual craft for almost 15 years. It’s an integral part of my life and inseparable from my beingness as an individual, as a creative, or as a community member.

Theologically, I would be considered a monotheist. My cosmological and theological understanding of the Universe are influenced by my current traditions and will continue evolving as I grow, mature, and study. I believe in an originating Divine Intelligence (God; Spirit) from which all beings and things reflect and come from. As a result, I am also an animist, meaning I believe all things have the capacity to develop a spirit (artificially or organically) or are possessed of a spirit naturally, and therefore deserve respect and recognition in our day-to-day and magiospiritual interactions. I believe all gods and other mystical spirits are reflection of the Divine in their own way, whether we can comprehend their existence, personalities, agendas, or not, they all factor into the sacredness of Life. I currently have a spiritual practice & life that is informed by several traditions, as well as including the practical application of magic. These influences reflect not only my familial, cultural, and ethnic background, but some traditions I was called to from afar.

My Magical Lineage & Training

My background in the magical and occult arts is extensive, well-rounded, and getting a bit hard to track at this point. As you may have been able to tell, I have a particular interest in mythology and divination, in addition to practical enchantment. That being said, outside of my own scholarly research and specific course working, I am a spirit-led practitioner: my relationship and ability to communicate will always trump a book or other resource, although I often use those sources of knowledge as a starting point.

While I am progressively working to obtain hands-on training, my body of wisdom comes from an active learning practice where I have gained experience through community support and service as matches my current level of understanding and practice. I strive to learn about cultural traditions that are not ethnically my own through primary source materials (when possible), oral transmission & direct accounts, and through traditional observation with direct oversight from the community of origin.


  • Chaos Animism

  • Brujería Católica

  • New Orleans/Family Vodou

  • Southern Conjure & Hoodoo

  • Pan-Germanic/Northern Paganism

  • Espiritisma Criolla and La Mesa Blanca


  • Esoteric Daoism

  • Middle Eastern Folk Magic

  • Astrology (Western; 9 Star Ki)

  • Abrahamic Ceremonial Magic

  • Kemeticism & Egyptian Theurgy

  • Greco-Roman Paganism & Theurgy

  • Feng Shui & Chinese Folk Traditions


This section does not include the countless hours of research and active practice of my craft(s) and skills. It simply documents some - but not all - of my formal training as a magical practitioner.

  • Worldwalking & Land Spiritism - Ms. Flora

  • Usui & Tibetan Reiki Levels I, II, III - Naware Danaus

  • Usui Reiki Levels I, II, III - Lisa Powers & Naware Danaus

  • Psychic Development Training - L. Wechtenhiser

  • Psychic & Mediumship Development Training - Karen Hager

  • Curanderismo: Traditional Healing in the Southwest & Mexico - University of New Mexico

  • Elemental Energy Clearing Practitioner & Teacher Training - Megan Potter

  • Astrology for Beginners - Benebell Wen

  • Tarot as a Tool for Craft - Benebell Wen

  • I Ching and the Practitioner - Benebell Wen

  • Tarot and Shadow Work for Activating Craft - Benebell Wen

  • Strategic Business Sorcery - Jason Miller

  • Strategic Sorcery Course - Jason Miller

  • 4 Skills Leadership Training (in progress, 2018) - Dr. Jenn McCabe

  • Divination 101 (in progress, 2018) - Fabeku Fatunmise

  • Quareia Training (in progress, 2018) - Josephine McCarthy

  • Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Facilitator Training (in progress, 2018) - Randi Buckley