Gifts & TRibutes For Mistress Morgan

How much?

I’m greedy and unabashedly spoiled.

So the answer is always: whatever you have, slave.

While I accept tributes of various sizes, a tribute of $50 USD or more accompanying applications serve me get me in a good mood and help affirm + demonstrate your seriousness in serving me. Gifts over $1,200 USD in a single payment will receive an exclusive set of printed + signed boudoir photos unavailable online along with a brief, handwritten note.

Cash Tributes

Cash tributes are ONLY accepted via Circle Pay (theladyalx@pm.me), Gift Rocket, and Delivery Code.

Please add an additional 15% to gifts made through Delivery Code, as I only receive 85% of what you send, and an additional 5% for gifts made through Gift Rocket.

ABSOLUTELY DO -NOT- SEND ME A TRIBUTE VIA PAYPAL. You will damage my business and I will send the hounds of Hell after you to destroy your life. I am not joking. Do not play with me or my money. You will regret your entire existence.

Bank transfers and gift cards are reserved solely for submissives with whom I have a long-term, reliable prior relationship.

If you would like to deliver cash to me in person, or go on a service & shopping date, you must offer a minimum of $400 USD and $1,600 USD, respectively, in order to do so. You may read more about that here and apply to serve me.

Wishlist & Gifts

Click here to peruse my wishlist on Delivery Code.

I also accept gifts of airline miles (JetBlue, Southwest) & bill payment from long-term, reliable submissives.