Bow Down To Mistress Morgan

I first discovered the luscious and delicious world of BDSM as a fresh-faced, doe-eyed teenager, shortly after I turned 17. I had never encountered anything quite like it before, and I found Myself drawn into the deep waters that this play can offer…and I was immediately hooked. 10+ years later, after wandering and exploring, I found that the (lifestyle & professional) domme boot fit, and decided to share My enthusiasm and passion for power play with the wider world.

Are you ready to serve Me?

Read on.

About Mistress Morgan

I became a dominatrix because I sincerely love and adore men - in My own twisted, sadistic, yet compassionate way.

I love and adore men so much that it brings Me deep delight to shatter the pathetic notions of who they think they are, break them down into their bare, pathetic bones, and deconstruct what their worth is (and could be) to Me and society, and to facilitate them deepening their understanding of how power, justice, and desire intertwine beyond the realm of lust and submission.

I tease, deny, and tempt My pets because even in their inferiority and weakness, I see the potential for excellence — and demand nothing less.

In person, I am a genderqueer Black woman who has a goddess-esque physique, standing at a graceful 5’9” with abundant, luscious curves: I am the quintessential, classic zaftig beauty. As stunning and luminous as I am physically, I have a formidable and sharp mind to match, and enjoy an assortment of intellectually challenging hobbies ranging from competitive Scrabble to indulging My interests in literature, languages, and philosophy. I also enjoy classical music & jazz (I am a pianist), martial arts, pole dancing/fitness, bellydance, fashion, and the arts.

My Dominance & Play Style

First: you may address Me as Mistress Morgan, Mistress Alex, or Goddess Thana. Thana is the name that was given to Me during My Luciferian baptism and commitment to Feri by My family, and it reflects My spiritual practice and devotion.

My dominance is political, power hungry, sensual, and nurturing, with the kiss of sadistic giggles on top. I naturally speak in a very soft, gentle voice, and My demeanor is such that I am loathe to yell unless I have been flagrantly disobeyed or disrespected. I am known for My sharp tongue - like the crack of a bullwhip - and I will use it when I must to make a point. Do not make Me make a point out of you.

I am a living Goddess, and you are to conduct yourself accordingly. When in service to Me, you are expected to be respectful, obedient, subservient, appreciative, and wildly generous with your devotion and consistent efforts. My only interest in your interests are directly related to how they align with My needs and how they match up to play that brings Me pleasure.

I love playing with power in its rawest form - money - and I love slaves who are interested in using their time serving Me to not only to indulge their deep need to spoil a Goddess, but also as a tool for facilitating change and personal growth as a person. You want to be a better, more capable, skilled and thoughtful slut for Me, don’t you?


I have a variety of play interests, and I like to be flexible and versatile in My approach, suggestions, and imaginings during sessions.

I do not offer full service sessions to slaves and submissives lucky enough to kneel at My feet.

My Hard Limits: Degradation-based Sissification, Watersports & Scat, Sploshing, Race Play/Fetishization, Electrical Play, Latex & Rubber (on Me; I have a mild latex sensitivity), Breath Play, Needle & Cutting/Branding Play, Medical Play/Fantasies, Age Play

How You Can SErve Me

Most of My slaves engage with Me through virtual means (messaging, phone, encrypted journals, Skype, etc.) on a regular basis, or they meet with Me in person over a meal or other non-dungeon activity of My choosing in the Chicagoland area. I enjoy the instant gratification being able to assert My control at a moment’s notice that digital methods of communication provide, and the flexibility and creativity required to make such connections effective, impactful, and meaningful.


Service Submission (Chicago/Chicagoland Area)

A Goddess cannot and should not be expected to attend to the minutiae of day-to-day life when Her time can be spent in much more fruitful, productive, and satisfying ways. I am looking for very special pets and slaves to fill several important roles and perform acts of service for Me in My home and life.

These positions require you to be attentive to detail, respectful, and pleasant to spend time with, as well as passing a comprehensive background check and having practical + professional experience where applicable. After I receive your application and have verified your information, we will have a dinner date at the restaurant of My choosing to see if you bore Me or not, and I will assign you 1-3 small test tasks relevant to your interests to complete. Once those tasks have been completed to My satisfaction, we will draw up your slave contract and you will be put to work immediately, with progress reports & check-ins every 3 months to ensure your adequate performance + My satisfaction with your service.

Degradation, humiliation, and protocol play can be a part of your service to Me if desired and agreed upon.

Current Openings:

  • Housecleaner/Laundry Attendant - This is rather self-explanatory. Frequency can be discussed and negotiated. I will provide My preferred cleaning products based on what you need to keep My house and wardrobe in order.

  • Personal Chef - You will be responsible for doing weekly meal planning, prep, and cleaning based on My dietary specifications and tastes. You will also be expected to go shopping and pay for My groceries.

  • Personal Trainer - A perfect role for a slave who is interested in being teased, denied, and cuckolded by how hot I am during our private workouts. I’d like to hit the gym with you 1-2 times a week, with a focus on strength training and flexibility/dexterity. You will be required to pay for My gym membership as well as My transportation to and from our sessions with a Lyft or Via Pass. Relevant professional experience + education & certifications, and at least 2 client references are required in addition to your application (I will be very discreet when contacting them.)

  • Business Accountant/Bookkeeper - This position can be virtual and is perfect for someone seeking a new and interesting dimension to financial servitude. You would be responsible for maintaining and managing My business bookkeeping & taxes via Quickbooks Online and using the Profit First framework/method (supervised, of course.) I will provide the Quickbooks Online subscription, and the expected time commitment is less than 5 hours a week. Relevant professional experience + education & certifications, and at least 2 client references are required in addition to your application (I will be very discreet when contacting them.)