Traditional Rune Casting

Traditional Rune Casting

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>> AVAILABILITY + TURNAROUND: Currently Available | Turnaround Time: 2-4 weeks.

>> INSTRUCTIONS: Once you’ve paid for your reading, you need to fill out a questionnaire so I can get your information and questions. Please click here to fill out the form.

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Seidr Craft // Traditional Rune Casting

>> WHAT YOU GET: This reading is a tossed rune casting intended to help you shape and redirect your orløg (or-leg; your personal fortune/fate) as it is folding into the weave of the Wyrd (veer-d; Fate), when it comes to a three (3) specific goals or questions. Offerings will be made to the elements, gods, spirits, etc., on your behalf to support you in better aligning to the Fate patterns you desire or that are most advantageous to your luck. This consultation is done within the cultural frameworks of reconstructed and contemporary Nordic & Germanic Paganism, but is open to anyone who feels comfortable.

This service is ideal for you if you have a recurring pattern of behavior you’ve worked on changing but feel an unplaceable ‘stuckness’ about, or you are interested in reducing the resistance and static you feel around taking action towards your goals. Additionally, a Traditional Rune Casting Reading is an excellent follow-up and supplement to a Playing Card Reading once you’ve decided what trajectory you’d like to be on, know whether or not you’re on track, and how to shift or preserve that as needed.

>> WHO IT’S *NOT* IDEAL FOR: This service is not ideal for you if you are uncomfortable with Germanic-Nordic traditions, you’re not comfortable giving consent to gentle energy work, or if you’re not prepared with 2-3 *specific* questions or topics for me to read on. Please don’t book this service if you’re experiencing any feelings of FOMO, coercion, fear, or anxiety.


Yes and no! I will do all of the work of performing the ceremonies and consultations, but you are responsible for taking action (or not) on the information that comes through for you and following up on any homework or ritual actions that I recommend or prescribe. If you book a Seidhr consultation or set of consultations, you will be expected to put in the daily offerings and practices I recommend in order to get the most out of our work together.

The only thing I need from you is a wee bit of personal information (the name, birth date, and birth place of you + anyone else involved in the situation, preferably) and your chosen question or topic of interest. This information is not optional as it impacts the efficacy of my work, but I take pains to keep this information private and secure, and it will be securely + safely discarded after your consultation is rendered.


No, I categorically do not. Any magical practitioner who offers you up a fixed-percentage guarantee or accuracy of any sort on their services, however skilled and gifted they actually are, is an unethical creep.

If you book a divination that has projective/predictive aspects to it, those aspects will be limited to no more than 3-6 months from the date of divination in order to ensure greater precision on my part, but what you do with that information is entirely up to you as a consultation represents my subjective, outside opinion(s). You are responsible for you. Seidr clients should know that if results or movement - which might be quite mundane - aren’t seen within 3-6 months, work might need to be revisited or reassessed. Many, but not all, of my clients see movement within 60-90 days of a working with me, whether it be for Seidhr or for other types of divination.

In some states, I’m required to state that my services are ‘entertainment only’ - which I will state to comply with the law. However, I operate in full faith and devotion, and take my responsibilities to the well-being, privacy, and comfort of my clients seriously. I consider magic to be like any other creative endeavor or labor in that it might not always yield the fruit I’m seeking, even if I put in the time and the effort. When you book time with me for a Seidr consultation, you are not paying for results, but rather the body of wisdom, the labor of assembling ritual, and the tools and ingredients that go into that performance.

Because of this, I do not offer refunds for services already rendered, and I also go to lengths to be mindful of how I market and discuss my services so as to not agitate people’s pain points or triggers.