{FREE} Mini Juno Sigil Paintings

{FREE} Mini Juno Sigil Paintings


This is a FREE bundle of sigil paintings created to call upon the blessings of the Roman Goddess, Juno. They are 4” x 6” in size and come with some brief instructions if you’re new to magic.

There are four sigil paintings total, covering the following purposes:

  1. To Rally A Community or Audience To A Cause

  2. To Ease & Protect During Interactions With The State

  3. To Receive The Nourishment You Need Most

  4. Protection & Fortitude Against Financial Instability

Per state law in some jurisdictions, these are shared as entertainment + curio only, and are to be used at your own risk. If you’d like to send me a tip as a thank you, you can do so via my Become A Patron page. Have fun!