Pick My Brain (Email)

Pick My Brain (Email)


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I have a reputation for being refreshingly honest in the most literal interpretation of that phrase: I have built a professional platform around my integrity, candor, and ability to frame life in a way that gives new energy and perspective to matters at hand.

My specialties include:

  • “Am I being an unkind asshole?” - I will absolutely tell you if you’re being an unkind asshole, and how to be a kind asshole instead.

  • Strategic wealth and financial sorcery - My testimonials on these matters speak for themselves.

  • Consent-based marketing and business practices - Having several years of experience as a business manager and self-employed human who is also a sex worker, I am uniquely equipped to spot power imbalances and help you architect consensual solutions.

  • Conscious identity work - The lion’s share of literature on personal branding is capitalist, commodifying trash. I have built my tiny, mighty, and highly engaged platform while not only remaining true to my anti-capitalist values, but also basically doing jack shit (sometimes even the opposite) of these skeezy marketing and authority-driven methods by focusing on understanding who I am, what I value ethically and aesthetically, and learning how to apply and cultivate my power/influence in socially responsible ways.

  • Unfucking & troubleshooting the equation between Desire, Power, and Relating - i.e., you want to make X amount a month, but you are at a loss at how to square this desire with your self-professed values/ethics, in a way that you feel you can take complete responsibility for the consequences of. I am the Devil’s Advocate (literally, I’m a Luciferian, this triangulation is integral to how I interpret Satanist/Luciferian life philosophy) for the liberation-minded.

As well as being willing to shoot the shit about life, my writing, and culture writ large. My boundary is that I will not discuss my personal life or reproductive rights, I do not provide theoretical or praxical education around anti-oppression in any flavour, and I absolutely, 100% am not here for peer-to-peer emotional support. Please see a therapist, my love.


  • An email and/or PDF detailing my perspective and feedback on your questions/situation


Anyone who has had the thought, “I wonder what Alexis would think about this?” or “What would Alexis do?”


If you are feeling coerced, pressured, desperate, or otherwise emotionally unrested in a way that is activating your FOMO, please do not book this service. It would be professionally irresponsible for me to take your business, or to put you in that place, and further, it would reduce the efficacy of my work, too.

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