Custom Mini Juno Jars - Made To Order

Custom Mini Juno Jars - Made To Order


PLEASE NOTE: Your jar will be constructed + shipped to you within 3-4 weeks. Price includes your kit, email divination, and Priority Mail flat rate shipping. This service is currently only available for domestic customers (United States). PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM TO SEND ME YOUR PETITION - I’ll also follow up via email for more information.

(Painting by Christy Tortland, the original is in my collection - buy a print here.)



This is a customized mini version of my larger community Juno Jar service, which I retired Spring 2019. These jars are suitable for WEALTH, BUSINESS/CAREER, and FINANCIAL MATTERS, and are crafted to support 2-3 related goals over the next 3-12 months, or for a longer period of time (if you have an open-ended goal or one that is going to take years to accomplish, this might be a good, cost-effective form of support magic for you)

Each jar is a combination of a practice called theurgy, and my background and experience with Hoodoo/rootwork/conjure and traditional witchcraft. The jar itself creates a link to the material world and sets the intelligences, presences, and spirits of the materia included on the task of attracting, drawing in, and holding onto material prosperity and creating opportunities for advancement and security. This is then taken up a notch by infusing Juno’s essence into the jar ritually, effectively making it a living avatar of Her - and thus imbued with Her divine perspective, insight, and intelligence, which amps the power like whoa. This is why a lot of my clients have experienced results that have felt like a kick to the teeth or tuchus with a steel-toed boot (in a good way!) - it’s a magical operation that is working on multiple levels of existence and manifest results.

When you have a mini jar created just for you, you will be responsible for the care and maintenance of the magic yourself by feeding your jar and working with it on a regular basis. Each custom jar order comes with instructions for care and maintenance, as well as divination to help you get started on your goal.


  • One (1), 8 oz-sized mini Juno Jar, prepared for your specific needs + desires + 6 months of feeder candles.

  • One (1) PDF with instructions for care and maintenance

  • One (1) email divination, delivered via PDF, to support and guide you in aligning with your goals.


Juno is the Roman Goddess of wealth, health, and community - the sister-wife of Jupiter. A few years ago, I started working with Her after participating in a global rite hosted by Jason Miller. After several months of ongoing devotion and spectacular support, I made a request for an unexpected financial boon and Juno instructed me to construct a magical vessel to Her, and make it available as a magical service to others - and thus, the Juno Jar service was born. The communal version of this service was retired in spring 2019. As part of my ongoing ritual and spiritual vows, however, I continue to offer magical prosperity work in Her name.


This is a great, low maintenance custom form of magic for folx looking to get a bit more hands-on or wanting to dip their toes into the world of magic making. This service is also excellent for anyone who could use the support and waymaking of a Divine Mother - to quote Jason, “Like a mother [Juno] can be very zealous in helping you fulfill your desires and very protective when they are threatened.”


First things first: some states require me to state that my services are for education and curio only, which I am doing here to comply with those laws and jurisdictions. I make no representation of a guarantee or accuracy of my services - you are paying for my time, the materials, and my experience, NOT results, and any magical practitioner who guarantees a certain fixed percentage of results is a fraud and breaking the law.

Additionally, if you are feeling coerced, pressured, desperate, or otherwise emotionally unrested in a way that is activating your FOMO, please do not book this service. It would be professionally irresponsible for me to take your business, or to put you in that place, and further, it would reduce the efficacy of my work, too.

I have photos of my previous magical workings by request only, as I want to protect the integrity of my client’s results and privacy, and click here to peruse my testimonials!