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Are *you* a fan of my plucky penwoman ways?

Do you dig my artwork, curatorial displays, and interesting assemblage of creativity & foolishness?

Want to keep the questionable opinions, intellectual gymnastics, theoretical future fashion statements & booty-shaking, and antagonism of oppressive social and political conventions going strong?

Or fund me getting into internet bar fights with finance brosephs, Silicon Valley technocrats, capitalist overlords, and people with questionable tastes?

Well then, you're in luck, because you can do just that by making a one-time gift or becoming a regular patron.

If you’re here, that means you’re intrigued by my work and are curious to know more, which is where this landing page comes in. When you invest in an artist - through buying work, commissioning it, or simply investing other forms of capital into their ability to be seen & considered by a broader audience - you’re underlining the necessity of their vision, and saying that it has purpose, use, and meaning. 

In order to do that, you have to know what the creative is about in their own words - which is why I encourage you to check out my Artist Statement and my personal mission for more insight on that.

Why Patreon? Why Not Sell Prints Or Offer Commissions?

In a contemporary art world where the gaze, thoughts, and commercial profitability of white men are prejudicially favoured in order to serve a broader capitalist fuckshow, I am looking to step outside that realm while still making a damn good living. 

Community-driven, rather than wealthy individuals-driven, patronage in the traditional model is a way to overcome not only gatekeeping, but the intentional financial barriers created by said gatekeeping for an artist such as myself. While no platform is perfect because of the economies we live under - Patreon has its own issues - I want to use this tool to my benefit, to create and open up possibilities for other creatives and artists. 

Patreon funds the creation of *all* my public + private intellectual labor works. This includes microblogging and trying to take a more archival, long-term oriented approach to using astral-digital media as a community space and social canvas. The funds I received from my patrons are meant to fund my entire process of creation: the conditions that allow me to function (i.e., rent + food + body care), the necessary research + thinking time, the actual creation, and the production and promotion of final project(s).

Unfortunately, because Patreon is oftentimes compared to Kickstarter, there is an expectation of rewards or exclusive content. When I first started my Patreon, I made the decision to not offer rewards both for my health but also because I don’t like how it makes me feel. The world demands a lot from me as a queer, disabled Black femme, I do not wish to add this burden onto my plate, too.

Additionally, I have ongoing chronic health issues (hormonal + neurological) that limit my capacity for certain types of activities. I can be consistently prolific, but unfortunately I do not have the resources or desire to sell prints of my work in the manner I’d desire (in terms of presentation, materials, and labor conditions), nor do I have the capacity or desire to offer client-directed commissions. Any income from my creative work is solely generated through community support, book sales, downloadable content, and services I am physically able to render.

Patreon allows me to take plenty of time to work and create at my own pace, without having to push my body past its limits. It also allows me to build up - but not as heavily rely on - other means (financial & otherwise) of supporting myself + my body's needs. 

What’s The Bottom Line?

This is history-making shit, my pal. 

By embracing being at the forefront of revitalised, cooperative economics, you are helping me make the case for the relevance, power, and value of creative vision in an increasingly modernized, technologically-dominate society, where the democratic qualities of technology have the potential to truly make us a more interdependent, engaged, and soft society. 

Investing in my art means creating a society where everyone benefits from - and can live out without violence - the idea that our vocation should center around the possibilities we free up to fulfill the work of a renaissance of our selves, wherein we become Ancestors.

I am but one person, but that idea truly is liberation work.


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Other Ways You Can Show Support

If you’re unable to sustain a monthly contribution, or you want to do more, here are several important ways you can support my work:

  • Send me a one-time contribution via Paypal or Buy Me A Coffee (if you can’t use Paypal).

  • Share my work with friends, colleagues, and other people you know.

  • Repost, post, and interact with my work across social media. Tag me on those posts, too.

  • Offer up space for free to host a writer’s discussion or a showing of my art.

  • Suggest me as a guest on your favourite podcast or YouTube channel - or interview me on your own, or invite me as a paid speaker to your event.

  • Help me network professionally with other creatives and interesting communities - offer to make any introductions you think would be useful or interesting.

  • Let’s talk collaboration on a project!

Please feel free to reach out via my contact form at any time with requests, questions, or just a show of appreciation.

In Closing...

Thank you for being in community with me and affording me to be an opportunity of that vanguard without the stress, anxieties, or unpleasantries of living in a white supremacist, capitalist sh*thole as a Black woman creative. 

That's fucking rad.