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In this age of late stage capitalism, direct-to-producer, small-scale (or in some cases, not-so-small-scale) contributions and patronage has become a normal and thriving part of our culture.

It's an easy way to give creators more political and expressive freedom by tying their funding to their audience, not to the publishing industry, mainstream platforms, or advertisers. It lets us create culture in live-time, build sub-economies within this massive capitalist craphole, and hopefully in the process help reform and rebuild our society into something more worthy of our collective and individual geniuses.

When you become a patron, you’re helping to fund the sustainable creation of the following projects:

>> Daily Sketches - My Daily Sketches practice involves committing myself to creating a collage or painting & 250-500 words of writing every day and posting them both to Instagram and Facebook. These daily posts will then be gathered into a limited edition, signed & numbered hardbound sketchbook you can purchase (or subscribe to!) once a quarter that includes additional materials and thoughts from me.

>> Microblogging & Vlogging - While social media is definitely a platform for me to connect with paying customers, grow my brand, and do all the business-y things one does, I treat new media as a medium for me to experiment with creatively. I try to be (emphasis on try) deliberate and artistically curatorial with the content I create - with an eye on documenting reality, not just aesthetic pleasantness - including the occasional (aspiring to be not-so-occasional) style showcase or nude cutie patootie mermaid & model romp.

>> Blogging & Medium Content - Because I don’t have to worry about the politics of pitching and fucking about with that, I can spend more time creating thoughtful blog and content that doesn’t exclusively have to be about conversion or infuriating clickbait headlines to snag a read. This content can include essays, short stories, how-tos, reviews, interviews, deep dives, and digital space curation meant to expand horizons, fancy, or entrance. Or so I hope.

Along with any other creative and intellectual work I have going on behind the scenes.


I do have a Patreon account, but as of August 2018, I have opted to temporarily stop posting my intellectual content directly to their platform until I see meaningful changes in their . My disengagement from Patreon was the culmination of several factors and a combination of issues, ranging from functional mismanagement & lack of communication with creators, to my ethical objections to their deliberate + strategic alienation of sex workers and those people who advocate for them. In addition to this overall mismanagement and ethical conflicts, Patreon flagged my content as 18+ because I wrote about being a sexual assault survivor. While I stand in solidarity with NSFW/18+ content creators, misapplying the label has the potential to impact my business (and it did) and my ability to forge business relationships that's unfair to me, and misleading to my audience. It was also applied with absolutely no communication from them in a timely fashion and with very little to no options for recourse or direct appeal. As a Black woman with multiple marginalized identities, and as writer + artist whose work is political, this change - made out of the blue - disconcerted me greatly.

In the interest of my protecting my content and career, as well as standing in solidarity with marginalized people and sex workers, I've decided to stop actively advocating

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