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Are *you* a fan of my plucky penwoman ways?

Do you dig my artwork, curatorial displays, and interesting assemblage of creativity & foolishness?

Want to keep the questionable opinions, intellectual gymnastics, theoretical future fashion statements & booty-shaking, and antagonism of oppressive social and political conventions going strong?

Or fund me getting into internet bar fights with finance brosephs, Silicon Valley technocrats, capitalist overlords, and people with questionable tastes?

Well then, you're in luck, because you can do just that by making a one-time gift or becoming a regular patron.

WhAT’S IN IT FOR you if you become a PATRON OF MY WORK?

In this age of late stage capitalism, direct-to-producer, small-scale (or in some cases, not-so-small-scale) contributions and patronage has become a normal and thriving part of our culture.

It's an easy way to give creators more political and expressive freedom by tying their funding to their audience, not to the publishing industry, mainstream platforms, or advertisers. It lets us create culture in live-time, build sub-economies within this massive capitalist craphole, and hopefully in the process help reform and rebuild our society into something more worthy of our collective and individual geniuses.

When you become a patron, you’re helping to fund the sustainable creation of the following projects:

>> Daily Sketches - My Daily Sketches practice involves committing myself to creating a collage or painting & 250-500 words of writing every day and posting them both to Instagram and Facebook.

>> Microblogging - While social media is definitely provide platforms for me to connect with paying customers for my books & other offerings, grow my brand, and do all the business-y things one does, I treat new media as a medium for me to experiment with creatively, too. I try to be (emphasis on try) deliberate and artistically curatorial with the content I create - with an eye on documenting reality, not just aesthetic pleasantness.

>> Blogging & Medium Content - Because I don’t have to worry about the politics of pitching and fucking about with that, I can spend more time creating thoughtful blog and content that doesn’t exclusively have to be about conversion or infuriating clickbait headlines to snag a read. This content can include essays, short stories, how-tos, reviews, interviews, deep dives, and digital space curation meant to expand horizons, fancy, or entrance to those who have been historically outside the gates and denied the opportunity to have a seat or a table.

>> Long-Term & Short Term Creative Projects - I have several short story serials brewing for 2019, along with an audio drama, and collections of essays. Patronage helps support me while I create and work on these projects and other endeavors that require time and funding to be executed on.


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